From the Pile: Bunch of Buffy

Head's up for spoilers in these Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 9 comics, kids.  I'm running through this series, so if you are not caught up then you have been warned.

Freefall, #3-4

Buffy makes a new friend, her old friends want her to turn herself into the cops for killing vampires and Spike is out to stop a demon from killing Buffy.  BUT THERE'S A TWIST!  The demon is good, vampires are now zompires because she killed magic and her new friend is the killer!  Eh, seen it in the show.  Actually, this is more of a plot from Angel.  Except for the zompires thing.  That's new for this series.  The art in this book is some of my favorite, even if the story is lackluster.  Sure, it is a continuation of Buffy and that will always make me like it, but this just does not seem very inspired.  As an episode of the series, this would be one that played between the large sweeping arch episodes.  And that is not a bad thing, just a sidetrack that is more "eh" than awesome.  

Slayer, Interrupted #5

Buffy is having strange dreams of the First Slayer.  Turns out its a fairy coming to tell her that she is not a girl anymore.  And also the First Slayer wants Buffy to give the Slayer scythe to Willow.  Willow takes off and Buffy learns she is a woman, a preggo woman.  The story here is good and the reveal and call backs to the previous "other Buffys" is a nice touch, but this also felt like filler to lead to a reveal.  "We need Willow gone and Buffy pregnant... DREAM SEQUENCE!"  I also really disliked the art in this, possibly for uncanny valley reasons, or maybe because they did not resemble the actors.  Either way, the harsh lines and rail-thin character models was off-putting.

On Your Own, #6-7

So, Buffy's pregnant so she goes to Robin to see how his mother handled being a Slayer with a bun in the oven.  Turns out she did not do so well and died, but Robin thinks Buffy will do better because of friends.  Buffy calls Spike and tells him she wants to have an abortion.  He makes an appointment with a doctor and she moves in to his bug spaceship.  Some cops get in trouble with zompires, Buffy and Spike save the day, and Buffy is a robot.  What the fuck is happening?!

First off, the art is back to normal and solid.  I would also like to say when I saw the word "abortion" I got nervous, but the comic handled it very adult, just like the show would.  Then they underscored all that character building with Buffy being a robot.  The robot thing came out of nowhere and I don't know what the hell to believe anymore.  Soldiering on.