From the Pile: Bunch of Buffy 2

Head's up for spoilers in these Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 9 comics, kids.  I'm running through this series, so if you are not caught up then you have been warned.

Apart (of me) #8-10

Robot Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Spike and the bugs go to Andrew to find out why she's a robot.  He explains that he ruffied her and switched her mind into a robot body.  They set off to get her real body back just as it is kidnapped by Punky Slayer  Meanwhile, the cop is drunk and hanging with Xander and Dawn while his partner rises from the dead.

RoboBuff, Andrew, Spike and the boys track down Buffy's body while Xander and Copguy kill Copguy's zompire partner who has been killing everything.  Punky Slayer seems to have turned Buffy's body into a Punky Buffy.

Punky Buffy and RoboBuffy fight to a draw.  Then Punky Slayer kicks the crap outta Spike and the roaches.  The Buffy's (Buffi?) break it up, Punky and Spike run away, and Andrew puts Buffy back in her own body.  Then she quits her job.

This was a good series.  The story was good, albeit full of coincidence, and built off the themes from the last series.  I think they may have dropped the ball on the abortion thing, but going from light to heavy and back is what Buffy does.  I can also say I am glad to see Spike and the roaches go.  Rehashing that old relationship (as well as dumping the odder Sci-fi element that did not fit) was a mistake that just kept happening.  The art was standard for this comic, although there is one exception with Andrew going completely Archie comic in scene that was broken beyond belief.

Guarded, #11-13

Special note: I do not have Issue 13, so I don't know how this ends.  Since the comic keeps going, I will believe that Buffy does not die and infer the rest from what I read on the Internet.  I invite you to do the same.

Buffy is hired by Kennedy's firm of Slayer bodyguards, finds out the cops are training to kill Zompires, gets asked by Spike's demon friend for help, and goes on a job to protect a guy who Wolfram and Hart want dead.  To protect the guy, they assault the server farm to delete the website the guy owns that Wolfram and Hart uses to reach this world.  They kill a tentacle demon, then the demon guy threatens the programmer.  I suspect it all turns out well.

The art is very well done.  For the first time in this "season," I feel like this is a natural extension of the show.  The characters and situations feel more grounded and real while still having a big amount of the fantastical.  The artwork is standard for this comic, meaning it fits well and works with the story.  Special mention to the shading and colorist on Issue 12, the fight scenes are gorgeous.