From the Pile: Buffy, Billy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 9 #14-15

Our man Billy is a gay teen in a small town.  He lives with his grandmother after being kicked out of his home after he came out.  He is picked on by a lot of jocks and is in love with a guy named Devon.

Then zompires attacked.

After the zompires attacked his town, Devon volunteers to train Billy as a Slayer so they can fight back the zompire horde.  After Billy and Devon fall in love and clear a bunch of zompires out of the library to save Billy's grandmother, they move to San Francisco to fight zompires professionally.

Picture Archie's gay friend in the Archie comics if he decided to fight vampires.  Which in that universe would totally rock.  In this world, though, after all the issues we have been through... This feels very after school special and agenda-y.  And there's nothing wrong with that if you have 22 hours of television to work with and want to throw something out there (cough Beer Bad cough) but with a limited comic run you have this thrown in and waste story?  In a comic with established LGBT characters, there was a need to have this story told with these characters?  This might have been the perfect place to tell Kennedy's origin story, for instance, especially coming off a story where she was heavily involved.  The romance was sweet, and Espensen's dialog was cute and refreshing, but I still do not have a clue why these two, specifically, chose to go fight.

I also do not understand what this had to do with anything going on in this series.  I hope it pays off and something comes of it, otherwise I feel like I just had my time hijacked by a mediocre story.  And I might be missing the point.  Maybe there was an underlying theme that I am not getting, a subtle inference into the human condition.  But what I am feeling is smashed over the head by a thrown together story with an agenda rather than a message.  

Also, what was with the weird PSA about San Francisco at the end?  That was just strange.  I half expected Schwarzenegger to show up and say "Come to Ca-li-fornia" at the end.  Just very weird all around.

Just one last thing, I swear.  Do zompires not have the "have to be invited in" clause?  Cause that football player that jumped in through the window was not holding an invite.