1922 (2017) Movie Review: How I'd Get Away With Murder

How would you get away with murder? Would you talk your son into helping you kill your wife so she doesn't sell her land and leave you wanting in a world that is moving on? If so, wow, very specific of you. You're just like Thomas Jane in 1922.

    This atmospheric re-telling of both Poe's The Tell Tale Heart and Lovecraft's Rats in the Walls succeeds on every level. The characters start likeable and quickly become monsters as circumstances based on their oown actions snowball into hell. Jane's mumbling Wilfred conives his way into your heart as you lean closer just to hear what bullshit he's mumbling.

    That being said, I'm not gonna kill anyone no matter what this movie wants me to do. But if I did…

    If I had access to a corn field that wasn't ready to harvest any time soon, that's where I'd bury the body.

    If I had a son, I'd totally tell the dad of the girl he's seeing to keep an eye on my son and their daughter.

    If my son run oft with his prego baby-mama, kid's dead to me. Fuck that kid. Seriously, fuck that kid with a pineapple.

    If a rat bit me, I'd get that looked at. Right away. Cause farm rats gross, bro.