22. Hanna (2011) Movie Review: Don't trust Eric Bana with your heart

by Banned Library in

When will people learn to not trust Eric Bana? He's been a hulk, a time traveling wife, even a Munich guy doing Munich things. And he never uses his own accent. Yet we trust him to raise a super soldier.

    Hanna concerns a sixteen-year-old girl trained from birth by Eric Bana, the actor, to be a crazy awesome assassin. She speaks all the languages, she uses all the weapons, she knows all the right moves, to quote Tom Cruise. Except how to love. You didn't see that shit coming, did you? Bana the mana can teach you everything you need to know about puttin' dudes on ice but he don't know shit about heart junk. Hanna sets out to murder half of Europe while the other half teaches her how to grow. Cate Blanchett chases her and uses a southern accent I found a little offensive, so that's happening.

    It's rare we get a movie with Eric Bana. He's good, we know this to be true. All the movies he's been in, liar and monster though he may be, are cast strong and written really well. Hanna is no different, with kinetic direction and visceral fight scenes. There's been plenty of movies like this, but this one has a sixteen-year-old girl doing it with Eric Bana swimming across cold water. This movie is the best movie that has all those things. Run don't walk to your library like I did because I need more exercise and check out Hanna.