27. Frozen in Love (2018) (TV) Movie Review: I forgot what this movie was about as I wrote this and shame an old friend

Aw, Hallmark, you tricked Rachael Leigh Cook into this? Wait, you mean she came up with the story? This story? Was it to save bookstores or some noble effort because it did not. I may go steal from bookstores now after watching this.

    RLC stars as "book girl" in this saccharine romantic comedy from the writer of seven goddamn movies last year. Seriously, congrats to screenwriter Rick Garman for pumping out those scripts like a coked-out rabbit just home from war making babies. Where was I? Oh, yeah.

    So book girl's family bookstore is failing because she thinks people want books and her opinions on them. She goes to her public relations friend for some free advice, and what do you know, there's a hockey player that has to prove to the city he's a nice guy before he can play again. The two team up and come up with inventive bookstore ideas like "throw a party," "start a podcast," and "serve coffee." Along the way, sparks fly between these two because they're just so different!

    I hope Rachael Leigh Cook is grateful that 1) I watched this in one sitting and 2) I used up one of my thirty-six allotted exclamation points on that last sentence. Not that she needs me to watch this or care about my punctuation. Rachael Leigh Cook is going to be fine, everybody. From what I hear, she's doing pretty good with those House of Yes and Carpool residual checks still coming in.

    P.S. That last sentence was just to plug House of Yes. Watch that crazy ass movie instead of this one, please.

    P.P.S. I have to mention my childhood friend Hunter had a big crush on RLC as a kid and made us go see Carpool like three times. I write this as revenge and hope she sees it.