33. Network (1976) Movie Review: Well, that didn't take long

by Banned Library in

How many stories, made as satires, became real life? It's not like we're actually eating babies, a la Swift's Modest Proposal. But the news media has become a circus run by rich assholes, so add Network to that list.

    The time is the late 1970s. Cable networks are looking at ratings more than substance, and decide that longtime news anchor Howard Beale (Finch) needs to go. Having nothing left in his life, Beale says on air that he will kill himself. The media circus begins there, swarming around a disturbed man that "is mad as hell" and not going to take it anymore. Ratings are up, and they better stay that way, because the network has started to make some shady deals.

    This movie scared the hell out of me. Watch it. Go watch it right now and I'll wait. Then we can talk.

    You watched it, right? Okay, holy shit. This movie was made before the birth of twenty-four hours news, before sensationalism became the norm, before we had a president spreading himself out like a dumbass buffet on senior night. And it predicted the whole goddamn circus.

    Let's just hope they don't start executing anchors on air. I hear Megyn Kelly's ratings are slipping...