Book Review: Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits by David Wong is the book that speculates on what kind of assholes we all will be

by Banned Library in

Some books are meant to be fun. Some books are meant to have a message. All books are meant to keep you reading because the author has a platform, even if that platform is "make Patterson money." Then there's the books of David Wong, who I'm not even sure knows people read what he writes.

    Zoey has found herself under attack. Not in the usual, my boss hates me and Jennifer from HR eats my lunch kind of attack, but there's a dude with a mechanical jaw chasing her down and threatening to bite off her pieces. Some guys in fancy suits come to her aid, and Zoey finds herself off to the fancy city of the future that is also in Utah. From there she's wrapped up in the mystery behind the death of her father and the superpowered psychopaths he helped to create.

    The best comparison I can make is to Ready Player One. Remember how that book had random pop culture references and a quest-type plot centered around an unlikely hero? Well, add in more cyberpunk-style hyper violence, sprinkle vulgarity on every page, and change "pop culture reference" with "indulgent satire" and that's this book. Not that any of that is bad. The sum is often better than the parts with David Wong as he threads a pretty gross needle to make a quilt that makes a point with a needle or this fell apart on me.

    Wong's clearly a forward thinking child of the 1980s. For every intelligent and speculative idea, there's a Schwarzenegger sized fist-hole in an anus. And maybe that's the way we as a culture are going. Why not? At least it might be funny.