Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero (2017) makes those pesky kids grow up and face the world. The original dog's dead, though

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It's hard to face sometimes a long ago childhood innocence. Saturday morning cartoons that looked so bright and shiny, staying that way in memory. Don't look back if you want that shine to last. Of course, others can look back and deconstruct and make you remember the best parts.

    Meddling Kids is about a former group of child detectives all grown up and now facing an actual supernatural force that haunts them since their last case. All of them are crazy, and the leader is dead. They all come together to go back to their summer haunt with the haunted island and the evil mansion. Rather than somebody in a mask, they face a violent monster capable of destroying the world.

    The plot here is a mystery about who destroyed the team back in the day and what really happened, but the characters are the center of the tale. These are broken people, not just because of a curse. They, like the generation that watched the mystery team cartoons the book is based on, are disenfranchised and cold to the world around them. They are struggling, trying to be better and failing. The world around them is crumbling and they just want to find the secret behind it all. What could be better than actually having one?

    Shit, that got dark. This is a fun story with a crazy supernatural twist based around characters that feel real. PIck it up and enjoy.