Paranorman (2012) tells us that if you are weird, that's probably because you're super special and will save the world some day #childhoodlessons

by Banned Library in

All of us felt a little awkward growing up. Some more than others. That little inside voice said that something about us was wrong, broken, gross. When we talked to the dead, even our families were all "get a hobby, weirdo." What I'm saying is I finally found a movie I can connect with in ParaNorman.

    Not gonna lie, I just had to google to see if the main character's name is Norman. Because I'm just that smart.

    So, Norman is a kid and he talks to dead people. Everyone but the town nutjob, his uncle, doesn't believe him. Then the town nutjob dies and leaves Norman with the task of reading a thing over a witches grave. Norman fucks up and now has to hang out with his sister and the town bully to defeat a crowd of zombies and the witch before she rises and destroys the town.

    I'm let you guys in on a little secret. Man, I am letting it all hang out today… I don't really like stop motion animation. Even A Nightmare Before Christmas. I know. Shut the front door right now and don't let your daughter date this one, right? It just looks strange to my eye. Like how cilantro tastes like soap to me while other people are gross. Saying that, I actually do like this movie (and A Nightmare Before Christmas, but fuck the Corpse Bride).

    The acting is fun, the story has heart, and damn there's some funny moments here. Sadly, many of the best moments are with Courtney (Anna Kendrick is the bomb!) and Mitch (who let Casey Affleck in the party?). Still, give this one a try cause it's not afraid to be kinda dark and weird.