Bad Lieutenant (1992) will make all those other crime movie "crazy" cops seem like poseurs

by Banned Library in

How many movies are there about good police officers? Just regular people that just so happen to get involved in a story. I can think of just one: Only the Lonely starring John Candy that's a romantic comedy wherein Candy happens to be a Chicago police officer, a regular beat cop. Every other movie is about a crazy cop that doesn't play by the rules. Bad Lieutenant is the concentrate version of that police officer.

    We follow the Bad Lieutenant (Keitel) throughout his day of hustling, killing, sexing, and generally being a horrible person and a police lieutenant. I'm not being cute like usual not giving his name, he's never called anything but Lieutenant. Just to let you know once more, he's a bad guy, and he's run up a hell of a debt gambling on the World Series. To pay off that debt, he goes after some lowlifes who raped a nun and have a bounty on their heads. Along the way, all the crime happens.

    First off, you know those movies you hear about and think, "man, the seventies were a perfect time for grimy movies." This is one of those movies, except to my surprise it was made in the 1990s. At the same time I was entering sixth grade, hoping upon hope that I would get a Sega Genesis for Christmas, this movie came out in cinemas. From what I can tell, it did not well. To look at this movie, you would swear this came out with a triple bill of The Warriors and Serpico because the theater owner wanted to see three versions of New York from hell.

    If you only know this movie because of its unofficial… reboot? Who knows what that Nicholas Cage mastermess Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call: New Orleans is to the original, but you should see this one. It's grimy, dirty, there's a long ass scene with a heroin needle I could not watch… Just a wild damn movie.

     Personally, I can't wait for Bad Lieutenant Christmas