Mother! (2017) is a well done allegory that really wanted you to know it and has JLaw, y'all!

by Banned Library in

When a movie sits you down and tells you, okay, today we're gonna tell you a story about one thing that means another thing, it's okay to get apprehensive. Most people that sit you down to tell you something without any type of presentation are full of shit. Too much the other way, too much presentation, and you can have the feeling you're being lied to. mother! straddles that line between jamming truth down your throat and lying as if it is out to fuck you and said you were just going to wrestle.

    Jennifer Lawrence stars as the lady of the house living with some dude who's trying to create art. The dude starts bringing over a man and then a woman and then the couple's children, really intruding on peace and prosperity. After some murder and more overcrowding, the mother is eventually sacrificed and everything goes to hell. Such is life.

    Look, all I heard when this thing came out is how divisive it was. Love it or hate it, no inbetween. I realize after watching this beautiful yet flat movie that most people are full of shit. Is it unpleasant? Yep. And I bet that's what got most people scared. Jennifer Lawrence in another big scary movie after all her Hunger Gamesing and X-Manning. With a few exceptions, any other actress in Hollywood could have been in this movie and it would have been another 'well, that was weird and pretty and unpleasant but it's Aronofsky so what did you expect." Controversy and interest is what happens when there's a disconnect between expectation and reality. Reality is, Jennifer Lawrence is a damn good actress and shines well in this portrayal of christian allegory. Or ecological allegory. Whatever the hell this movie was trying to say. People suck?