Wonder (2017) tries really hard to make you cry. It's pretty good at it, actually

by Banned Library in

Oh, there's so many ways to do a coming of age drama. The main three ways are through animals, death, or disability. Wonder focuses on the disability but really digs deep to bring the rest into play.

    Wonder is a young boy born with several non-normal birth genetic… I dunno, man, the kid's had a lot of surgeries. We start the movie with Wonder going to school for the first time. He meets some bullies and a friend. His family has to deal with these changes, from his mom going back to school to his sister being not noticed or something. Everyone's very angsty. Except maybe Owen Wilson. He's kinda chill.

    The word "precious" gets thrown around a lot lately. Wonder really is precious in the old sense of "well, those people sure do like each other despite all the things." By "all the things" I mean, well, life. There's the usual speech about "familia" lifted right from a furiously fast movie and there's a show at the end. They even slip in a dead dog because ever since Love Actually movies have to dump in as much as possible.