A Big Damn Display

When you said you had a display idea, I didn't think you'd do this, she said.

He leaned back on his heels and said, Yeah well, I dreamed it.

The library director took in the whole thing. It loomed. Spread along a wall twenty feet long. A wall that had to be passed by patrons and staff alike. She tried to see it as one piece but could only find a section here, faces and items on display. She said, It's a really big damn display.

In the dream the men and women charged as one. They came for me from the display and surged down the walls. I tried to capture that with the books on war and the books on grieving after death. I tried to display all the things from the dream that I could, the reference librarian said.

The library director found herself wishing to scream. And what about the romance books near the books about frogs?

The reference librarian took a moment to answer. His eyes searched the display, found the area she meant and he went inward. He found his dream and formed it to words and said, I thought the amphibian life would most represent the truth the romance books do not tell. I felt the cycle they represent, from eggs to tadpole to frogs represented love and life as well as the books of people staring into each other's eyes while shirtless on a ship.

The library director stepped back again. It's just a really big damn display, Jerry.

Jerry said, It was a big damn dream.