Objects in the Library

The library walls are filled with forgotten items. A few of them have stories, going back to the beginning. Here are my favorites:

The Yellow Skull

Dating back to the beginning of the building, the large cow skull over the entrance to the children's library came from the pet of the original Children's Librarian, Lacey Pittman.

The Paintings of A Cold Bastard

Signed "A Cold Bastard," the twenty-eight paintings hung around the library can be formed into a larger painting that tells the story of the history of the town. Nobody needs to see that.

The Umbrella Stands

Crafted from the feet of three albino elephants, the umbrella stands are the last remaining items from our third director's taxidermy collection.

Cold Spots

Investigated by many but explained by none, the cold spots of the library show the various places where patrons were banned from the library. Permanently.

Reading Pillows

Donated last year, several reading pillows are scattered throughout the building. Scuttling along on their eight hairy legs, each pillow loves to hear you read and will rush your direction.