Directions for Solving the Library's Escape Room

by Banned Library in ,

You find yourself in a locked room. Two bookcases are along one wall. A door is across from them. The door has a dozen locks, all different and all requiring a code, key, or fingerprint. The door is solid as the walls. In the corner, you hear the hiss of air from a vent.

    To escape this room, do the following:

  1. Check the door. None of the locks mean anything and are not holding the door shut. If the door opens, congratulations, you have escaped. If the door doesn't open, you are trapped, forgotten, or part of an experiment. Continue if you have not escaped.

  2. Find the screwdriver on the bottom shelf of the bookcase on the right.

  3. Go over to the vent where air is entering. Take a deep breath and yell, "Hey fuckers, you forgot me in here. Linda, this isn't funny. Come get me."

  4. If there is no response in thirty minutes, use the screwdriver remove the covering for the vent and reach inside. If you find nothing, you are trapped. If you find a recording device, you are part of an experiment. If you find a rat, that's Mr. Dewey, the library rat. Don't let the rat bite you.

  5. If you are trapped or part of an experiment, use the screwdriver to wound yourself deep enough to bleed but not enough to cause permanent damage. If you are trapped, your captor may or not care or come to your aid. If you are part of an experiment, then the scientists will stop the experiment and free you.

  6. If you are this far, you are trapped and your captor does not mind that you are wounded. You are most likely at the whims of a mad man. We hope you did something of worth with your life or at the least you did no harm.

  7. Scream and cry but you will not find your way out. Write to me, call for me, beg me to let you go. Please. No one but me will hear your pleas, your confessions, your acceptance of death.

  8. When you love me, care for me and promise you will come back to me, I will let you go. I will let you back in the library escape room when you bring me a friend. Then I will let you see the friend that brought you.

We hope you have enjoyed the library escape room! Remember to call your representative when voting comes along to fund the library, congressman.