Nick Cutter might be my new favorite horror writer

The Troop: A Novel
By Nick Cutter
Little Heaven: A Novel
By Nick Cutter
The Deep: A Novel
By Nick Cutter

For the last few days, I've been on an audio book binge on Nick Cutter. If you don't know the name but like horror novels, boy howdy you're about to get excited.

I heard about him with Stephen King's blessing on The Troop. It's by far my favorite of his, about a scout troop that runs into a flesh eating virus while out camping. It's horrifying, gross, and full of the old King standby: sadistic bullies.

Right now I'm making my way through Little Heaven. It's harder to explain and a little convoluted, but basically three gunslingers go up against a Jesus cult taken in by a demon Pan type creature out in the woods. It's a blast.

The Deep is more in the vein of "isolated scientists underwater get ate." The writing was good, but my mind wandered. Maybe not my thing.

So that's Nick Cutter, my current favorite. Check him out. Full disclosure, the pics and links above are for Amazon affiliate, so if you click them and buy stuff I get a kickback. So heads up. But whatever your platform or your local library, check out Nick Cutter!