The Florida Project (2017) Movie Review: you're a jaded bastard if this doesn't do it for you

by Banned Library in

We all get by with a little help from our friends. Even if you don't know it, somebody out there has made it easier for you to get through you day. Somebody stocked the shelves, paved the roads, kept the power on. Still, cracks are made to be fallen through.

    Halley and her daughter Mooney are long-term residents of the Magic Kingdom, a run down hotel managed by Bobby. This is the part of Florida that shows up in the paper, where a woman who can't get work as a stripper sells perfume in parking lots and her body while her daughter plays in the bathtub. Still, there is light, in the form of childhood innocence often embodied in the big shining castle of Disney.

    Working with the public in a library, we often see the surface. We see the loud abrasive push back. We see the bravado. We see the need for aid that comes in the form of demands. We see waste and juvenile behavior and the stark reality that some folks just need to get by. The sadness and nobility in the struggle, especially for those with a little bit of kindness trying to keep things afloat for the destructive.

    This movie's a gut punch as well as a quiet look at a world many see and live everyday. The movie succeeds in its utter humanity. That kid is amazing.