$10,000 Mystery Letter


$10,000 Mystery Letter


What is it?

For limited time only and in limited supply, we offer you the $10,000 Mystery Letter. This letter will be created from the finest yellow legal pad paper and written and drawn with the finest dollar store pencil/pen/crayon. 

Package will be mailed anywhere in the world to you in the finest dollar store envelope.

What's in it?

The $10,000 Mystery Letter contains 5 back and front legal pages of pure Southern gibberish written in longhand and 1 piece of art. All paper may or may not smell of whiskey and/or tears. Gibberish may contain random details you supply if the author feels up to it.


I'm using this to test the store.


This is a real product and not a joke if you go through with buying it. No returns or refunds will be offered.

I'm not kidding.

You buy this you get nothing but an envelope (maybe two) and six pieces of paper.

You can complain all you want and the only thing you will ever get back (besides the above) is the knowledge that the library's Instagram and Twitter photos have been provided by you.

Also maybe provide a portion of our wedding. Wedding's ain't cheap and damn sure won't be if we're $10,000 richer.

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