King & King by Linda de Haan and Stern Nijland

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King and King
By Linda de Haan, Stern Nijland

Can a prince find love in a hellish wasteland where Texas has a monarchy?



Indiana - Moved from children's to adults section in Shelvyville-Shelby County library because a parent considered the homosexual story inappropriate

North Carolina - Restricted to adults in a school's library in Wilmington because the children's book is about a prince who's true love turns out to be another prince.

2005 - Oklahoma -  Challenged by seventy state legislators calling for the book to be removed from the children's section and placed in the adult section of the Metropolitan Library System in Oklahoma City.

2006- Massachusetts - Parents of a Lexington second-grader protested that their son's teacher read the fairy tale about gay marriage to the class without warning the parents first. The book was used as part of a lesson about different types of weddings. Lead to a long fight in U.S. District Court and Court of Appeals against the book being allowed in schools with parents still attempting to go to U.S. Supreme Court after other courts ruled there was no agenda for indoctrination and that public schools could not protect individual students from ideas that could be offensive, particularly if there is "no requirement for the student to agree with or affirm those ideas, or even participate in discussions about them."

2007 - Pennsylvania - Retained at the Lower Macungie library after the donated book was challenged because "let them be kids...and not worry about homosexuality, race and religion. Just let them live freely as kids."

2008 - England - Withdrawn from two Bristol, England primary schools after parents complained the book was unsuitable and that the parents had not been consulted.


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