Daughters of Eve by Lois Duncan

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Daughters of Eve
By Lois Duncan

A group of young girls become a frightening force for feminism as we discuss Lois Duncan, water heater's breaking, and dude's being jerks.


1997 - West Virginia - Removed along with 16 other title from Jackson County school libraries

2000 - Virginia - removed from Fairfax County middle school libraries for violence, risky behaviors, and "seeks to prejudice young vulnerable minds on several issues"

2005 - Indiana - Challenged at Lowell Middle School for profanity and sexual content

2007 - New Mexico - Superintendent of Clovis Municipal Schools removed the book from elementary schools after rumors of parent's displeasure and having a formal review which found issues with language and "suggestive material." Duncan (author) agreed the book was not for elementary schools.

Book covers many challenging topics such as sex, language, domestic violence, feminism, anti-feminism, rape, murder, violence, vigilante behavior, sexism, abortion

"Dances and Dames"

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