Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan

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Two Boys Kissing
By David Levithan

Two boys try to set a world record for kissing after their friend is beaten in this YA novel. One lady tried to get it thrown out of libraries for sexual content.

National Book Award longlist

Stonewall Honor Book

Inspired by true events


Cover image of two boys kissing - author states that the cover shows what happens in the book and does not lie. When asked if this would discourage LGBT teens from openly reading or checking out the book from libraries, the author conceded this was possible but says that having the book in the library, representing the community, and normalizing the subject is more important.

#5 on the ALA's Top 10 Banned and Challenged of 2016

2014 - Virginia - A parent filed a complaint with Fauqier County Schools to remove the book after reviewing 46 sample pages on and disagreeing with the sexual content (claiming not the homosexual content). The school refused to remove the material from the libraries. On appeal to the school board committee, a unanimous vote allowed the book to stay in the school libraries.

2016 - "condones public displays of affection"


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I Am Jazz by Jessica Herthel

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I Am Jazz
By Jessica Herthel, Jazz Jennings

The autobiography of transgender teen Jazz Jennings, this heartfelt tale is one of acceptance.


2015 - Wisconsin - The Mount Horeb Primary Center planned a reading of the book to educate the students because of a transitioning student. They sent out a letter advising parents. The Liberty Council, a recognized hate group, sent a letter threatening to sue based on "inappropriate discusion of gender confusion and sexuality" with primary students. The school cancelled the reading. Local parents decided to hold a reading at a local library, attended by the author, with an audience of approximately 600.

#3 Top Ten Challenged of 2015, #4 Top Ten Challenged of 2016


My trans picture book was challenged – but the answer to hate speech is more speech

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George by Alex Gino

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By Alex Gino

Rule Number 1 of Cheer Club: You don't talk about Cheer Club.


Banned or censored for containing transgender characters and "sexuality was not appropriate at elementary levels."

Family Research Council (and other Christian groups) claim the book will confuse kids about gender issues.


Christian groups slam transgender book 'George,' saying it will only confuse kids

Goodreads - George by Alex Gino

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This One Summer by Mariko Tamaki

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This One Summer
By Mariko Tamaki

A book that in no way follows the plot of Three Men and a Baby (which is crazy) but was banned from a bunch of places.


General attack as a Caldecott Honor as the book is targeted at 12 and up and Caldecott books are targeted lower.

#1 on the ALA Top Ten Challenged Books of 2016 for including "LGBT characters, drug use, and profanity, and it was considered sexually explicit with mature themes."


Minnesota - Henning schools removed the book from the K-12 library; restored to 10-12 grades with parental permission

Florida - Seminole County schools removed the book from elementry schools and reviewed the book in high school library where it was retained


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Athletic Shorts by Chris Crutcher

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It's a bunch of sports related small stories, and Granny Wendy would be mad.


#44 Top 100 Banned/Challenged Books: 2000-2009

1995 - South Carolina - Challenged in Charleston County for divorce, violence, AIDS, and homosexuality.

1999 - Alaska - Challenged and pulled but retained from Anchorage middle school libraries after a parent complained about lack of respect for parents and God as well as homosexuality and language.

2004 - Iowa - "In the Time I Get" was challenged and retained on the Solon 8th grade language arts class for discussion of AIDS.


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"Dances and Dames" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging by Louise Rennison

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The "new" host Harker reads today as Georgia learns a lot, especially about boys and pooping.


2008/9 - Menasha, Wisconsin - Parent found sexual content offensive and challenged the book. It was retained, yet school board members voted to adopt procedures to secure and record parental consent before limited access books were given to students.

#35 on Top 100 Banned/Challenged Books: 2000-2009


ALA - Top 100 Banned/Challenged Books: 2000-2009

Marshall University

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"Dances and Dames"

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The Color Purple by Alice Walker

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The Color Purple
By Alice Walker

We talk about the origin of the library's ebooks and an important book everyone should read.


1984 - California - Challenged and retained in Oakland High School honors class for "sexual and social explicitness" and its "troubling ideas about race relations, man's relationship to God, African history, and human sexuality"

1985 - California - Rejected for purchase from Hayward school trustees due to language and sexual content

1986 - Virginia - Removed from Newport News school library for language and sexual content and placed in special section available only to those over eighteen or with parental permission


Michigan - Challenged at the Saginaw public libraries for sexual content

Tennessee - Challenged as a summer youth program reading assignment in Chattanooga for language and "explicitness"

1990 - Wyoming - Challenged in Ten Sleep schools for optional reading

1992 - North Carolina - Challenged at New Bern High School as a reading assignment because of rape


Connecticut - Challenged at Pomperaug High School in Southbury for sexual content

Florida - Challenged at St. Johns County Schools in St. Augustine

Oregon - Challenged and retained in the Junction City high school due to language, sexual content, and "negative image of black men."


North Carolina - Challenged and retained at Northwest High School in High Point for sexual content and violence

Texas - Challenged and retained at Round Rock Independent High School for violence

1997 - West Virginia - Removed from Jackson County School libraries


Ohio - Challenged and retained at Shawnee School in Lima after parents called it vulgar and "X-rated"

Virginia - Removed from Ferguson High School library in Newport News, yet may be requested and borrowed with parental approval

2002 - Virginia - Challenged at Fairfax County elementary and secondary libraries along with seventeen other books by a group called Parents Against Bad Books in Schools for language, drug abuse, sexual content, and torture

2008 - North Carolina - Challenged in Burke County schools in Morgantown for homosexuality, rape, and incest

2013 - North Carolina - Challenged but retained at Brunswick County Advanced Placement English eleventh grade assignment for language, sexual content, or has literary value as age appropriate


Banned and/or Challenged Books from the Radcliffe Publishing Course Top 100 Novels of the 20th Century

Doyle, Robert P. Banned Books: Challenging Our Freedom to Read. 2014

"Dances and Dames"

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The Adventures of Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey

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Two boys join together to create a superhero by coercion and violence so they can escape responsibility for their actions and make a profit.


On the Top ten frequently challenged books lists of the 21st century in 2013, 2012, 2005, 2004, and 2002

#13 on Top 100 Banned/Challenged Books: 2000-2009 (as series)

2000 - Connecticut - Removed from Maple Hill School in Naugatuck due to concerns that is caused unruly behavior among children

2015 - Michigan - Arborwood Elementary School in Monroe removed the book from a book fair because a main character ends up gay

"Dances and Dames"

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Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Meyers

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Fallen Angels
By Walter Dean Myers

We go into combat with this view of the Vietnam Conflict/War/Murder Forest through the eyes of a young man dealing with stuff.


#36 100 most frequently challenged books: 1990–1999

#11 Top 100 Banned/Challenged Books: 2000-2009

1990 - Ohio - Challenged for language at Bluffton schools

1992 - Georgia - Jackson County High School restricted the book because of language and sensitive material

1994 - Pennsylvania - Challenged at West Chester schools

1995 - Ohio - A parent complained about sexually explicit language and it was removed from Middleburg Heights

1997 - Ohio - Challenged but retained at Lakewood High School after a parent's complaint of violence and language


California - Removed from Lafton Unified School District for violence and profanity

Michigan - Removed from required reading from Livonia public schools for language

2000 - Texas - Challenged but retained at Arlington school district's junior high libraries after parent's complaint as unsuitable for age group

2002 - Mississippi - Banned from George County schools for profanity


Virginia - Challenged in Fairfax school libraries by a group called Parents Against Bad Books in Schools for "profanity and descriptions of drug abuse, sexually explicit conduct and torture"

Indiana - Banned at Franklin Central High School in Indianapolis for profanity

2005 - Kansas - Removed from Blue Valley School District high school curriculum in Overland Park.

2006 - Illinois - Arlington Height's Northwest Suburban High School District was removed after a school board member elected for her promises of Christian values raised the controversy based on excerpts from eight books she had read on the Internet

2007 - Indiana - Challenged at Coeur d'Alene School District after parents said the book should require parental permission

2008 - North Carolina - Challenged at Chinquapin Elementary School in Duplin County for language, racial epithets, and homophobia

2013 - Ohio - Challenged at Danbury Middle School in Toledo for language and descriptions of combat

"Dances and Dames"

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