Librarian ST Harker, a native of Mississippi, gained his librarian knowledge through experience, study, and childhood stories of being eaten by creatures from books. Also the universities in Mississippi are surprisingly flippant with their online degree programs.

Born under the waning wolf moon of January, ST Harker picked up his water cup and staggered to the pool of knowledge. There his uncle threw him in the deep end, saying "that's how your cousin learned." 

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One time, librarian Harker was manning the reference desk when he was attacked by a goddamn werewolf. Luckly, he had his lucky cardigan on him and got away before Harker could kill him. Werewolves with cardigans, what can you do?

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One time in Seattle, ST Harker drank so much coffee he punched a salmon.

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ST Harker founded the Libraries VS Archives Deathmatch Race 2000.