Storm Front Chapter 27: In the Book

We end the book and see how everyone made out as well as learn about Listerine and witness protection as well as finish off with a bit of poetry.

Storm Front Chapter 26: Survival of the Fittest

Dresden and Shadowman go head to head in a battle royal that includes a return of the toad demon and I try to raise him!

Storm Front Chapter 25: Ingredients for a Party

Dresden crashes a party and meets Shadowman face to face and we learn about Batman and football.

Storm Front Chapter 22: Elevator Pitch

A scorpion forces Dresden to do some quick thinking and we learn about everything from the Chicago Cubs to Styrofoam.

Storm Front Chapter 19: French Connections

Donny Wise leads Dresden to use some spells and make some connecitons as well as learn about adult magazines, Uncle Abner, and canasta.

Storm Front Chapter 17: Big Bad Wolf Enters

Calling down destruction is the order of the day as Harry takes on Marcone and company as well as the three little pigs, The Shining, and a flammable boozy bar.

Storm Front Chapter 16: Hair Battle

Some hair is stolen, a spell is cast, and we bring out the gimp!


"Call to Adventure" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Storm Front Chapter 15: Killed by Death

Linda Randall is dead and Murphy thinks Harry knows more than he's telling. And he does. Plus King Kong and chauffers!

"Call to Adventure" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Storm Front Chapter 14: Big Middle Toad

There's a toad a'coming so it's time to call down the thunder with special guests Shadowman and Morgan, who are both unhelpful. And introducing, running water!

Storm Front Chapter 13: When Harry Met Susan and Mr. Toad

A toad demon crashes Harry and Susan's date night and we see some attack spells as well as learn about… well, not much really. The population of Zurich?

Storm Front Chapter 10: Mile High Clubbing

Dresden goes to the airport and then gets beaten up while we learn about Studebakers, payphones, and dragons flying out of our butts.

Storm Front Chapter 9: Hateful Ate

Dresden meets with the vampiress Bianca and we learn all about the undead bloodsuckers, wizard preparedness, and SpaghettiOs.