N is for Navigation on the Last Day at the Library

How do you get lost in an era of smartphones with GPS and apps dedicated to rating and reviewing every manhole in the world?  How does a man lose his way on a warm afternoon when there's nothing but street signs all around?  How do children with no idea about a future get home after their first day from schoool?  Each of these finds their way to a library and centers the community around them on every day except the day after the last day at the library.

M is for Mural

Our history.  Our town.  Our community and city.  The mural on the wall of the library represents us, good and bad.  It welcomes visitors and regular patrons alike.  The mural depicts our shared time on this piece of land and is blocked out on the last day at the library.

L is for Language

How many languages does the average human speak?  One, I'd guess, two if they can get around the globe once in a while.  And what does that even mean, language?  Written, spoken, body, and images all over the globe are collected in the library.  The communication of the human language breaks down on the last day at the library.

Story Time
A Dance With Dragons (Song of Ice and Fire: Book 5): Part 3

Tyrion VII to Tyrion VIII: attack dwarves, secret missions and red priest visions, OH MY!

A Dance With Dragons (Song of Ice and Fire: Book 5): Part 2

From John V to Wayward Bride, we watch people go places and do things so other things can happen later.

A Dance with Dragons (Song of Ice and Fire: Book 5): Part 1

Prologue to Reek II, we go through it all and shudder at the horror.

I Am Legend

A novel about the last man left in a vampire apocalypse and we have a story about what its like being a librarian in a zoo.

The Big Sleep

A private eye meets a young woman and there's trouble in Dallas with a library marshal and his wife.

Are You There, Old Gods?
By Evan Williamson