Banned 104 - Peyton Place by Grace Metalious

A small New England town is rocked by the scandal of everyday life in one of the most forgotten popular books of the twentieth century.


1957 - Tennessee - Knoxville activated a city ordinance that said the City Board of Review could block items deemed obscene. Local booksellers were forbidden to sell it. One newsstand owner challenged the ordinance and it was ruled unconsitutional.


Ireland - Banned until the introduction of the Censorship of Publications Bill in 1967.

Canada - Temporary ban lifted

1959 - Rhode Island - The Rhonde Island Commission to Encourage Morality in Youth bought action against Bantam and three other New York paperback publishers. The Rhode Island Superior Court upheld the decision, which was later reversed by the U.S. Supreme Court in Bantam Boos, Inc, et al, v. Joseph A Sullivan, et al.


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To Kill A Creature from the Beginning of Time

Book bans in Mississippi and Florida, Children's Book Fair, and a tale of a creature from long ago.

Banned 103 - Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause

Sex and violence abound as we meet Vivian, a young werewolf trying to make her way in the world and get some hot man meat. Possibly by eating him.


2001 - Texas - Temporarily pulled from LaPorte Independent School District library shelves for review and possibly amend its selection policies

#57 Top 100 Banned/Challenged Books: 2000-2009

South Carolina

teacher called it 'low-level filth that corrupts'

Greenville schools removed the book but eventually returned it to the shelves


woman called author at her work to say she was asking for the book to be removed from her daughter's high school library because, in author's words, "I had allowed a teenaged girl to accept and even revel in her own sexuality."

"Cullen Middle School... stated that the book contained profanity, sexual content or nudity, and violence or horror."

Contains (according to Common Sense Media) violence, sex, language, consumerism, drinking, drugs, and smoking


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"Dances and Dames." Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.

Banned 102 - Stephen King's It

Part 1 - We start at the beginning with the murders of a little boy and a gay man while Stan, Richie, Ben, Eddie, and Beverly are called home because they promised.



Nebraska - Challenged in Lincoln school libraries because of the novel's "corruptive, obscene nature."


New York - Placed on a "closed shelf" a the Franklinville Central High School library for sexual content, violence, and language. Parental permission required to check out by students.


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Stephen King's It [USED]

Own the October 2017 book of the Banned Library Podcast, Stephen King's It. Has all the notes and random musings and stains from the library.

From the back cover:

Can an entire city be haunted? The Losers' Club of 1958 seems to think so. After all, when they were teenagers back then, these seven friends who called the small New England metropolis of Derry their home had first-hand experience with what made this place so horribly different. 

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Banned 101 - Summer of My German Soldier by Bette Greene

We begin with the book that taught us that Germans are people, too! Young Patty learns about the world in her small town.

If you or anyone you know is a victim of domestic abuse, please do not be afraid to reach out.  You are not alone and please know that someone loves you and wants you to be okay.  Reach out at or call The Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453) or at your local school, shelter, or safe place.


1990 - Connecticut - Challeged in curriculum at Burlington and Hawinton schools for profanity and "subject matter that set bad examples and gives students negative views of life."

1996 - New Jersey - Temporarily removed from 8th grade supplemental reading list in Cinnaminson for "offiensive racial stereotypes."

2002 - Challenged for racism, offensive language, and being sexually explicit.

#55 Top 100 Banned/Challenged Books: 2000-2009


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Summer of My German Soldier by Bette Greene [USED]

Own the September 2017 book of the Banned Library Podcast, Summer of My German Soldier. Has all the notes and random musings and stains from the library.

From the back cover:

"The summer that Patty Bergen turns twelve is a summer that will ahunt her forever. When her small hometown in Arkansas becomes the site of a camp housing German Prisoners during World War II, Patty learns what it means to open her heart. Even though she's Jewish, she begins to see a prison escapee, Anton, not as a Nazi, but as a lonely, frightened young man with feelings not unlike her own."

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Banned 100 - Looking for Alaska by John Green

An angsty kid meet some new friends in this heartbreaking tale of whiny smokers cussing a lot.


2008 - New York - Challenged, but retained for the 11th grade Regents English classes in Depew despite concerns about graphic language and sexual content. The school sent parents a letter requesting permission to use the novel and only 3 students were denied permission.

2012 - Tennessee - Challenged as required reading for Knox County High Schools' Honors and as Advanced Placement outside readings for English II because of "inappropriate language." School Superintendent Dr. James P. McIntyre, Jr. said that a parent identified this as an issue and the book was removed from the required reading list. He didn't say whether the book was still in the schools.


Colorado - Parents of Fort Lupton Middle and High School challenged the books use in a 9th grade classrooms for sexual and alcohol content

Tennessee - Banned as required reading for Sumner County schools by the director of schools because of a sex scene that was "a bit much" and  "inappropriate language." The book was retained in the libraries.

2014 - New Jersey - Challenged in the Verona High School curriculum because a parent found the sexual nature of the story inappropriate.

2015 - Wisconsin - Challenged, but retained in the Waukesha South High School despite claims the book is "too racy to read."


Kentucky - Marion County parent complained about book being included on 12th grade english, "calls the novel “filth” and lists his fear that the book would tempt students “to experiment with pornography, sex, drugs, alcohol and profanity.”" The book was removed from circulation until the school committee reached a decision. "Another resident has written to the local paper describing the novel as “mental pornography” and detailing the number of times the “‘f’ word” is used (16) and the the “‘sh’ word” is used (27)."

New Jersey - Challenged, but retained in the Lumberton Township middle school despite a parent questioning its "sexual content."


Doyle, Robert P. Banned Books: Challenging Our Freedom to Read. ALA. 2014.

Guardian - John Green fights back against banning of Looking for Alaska

Guardian - US battle over banning Looking for Alaska continues in Kentucky

Marshall University Libraries - Banned Books - Looking for Alaska

National Coalation Against Censorship - Looking for Alaska Under Fire in Kentucky - N.J. school district bans John Green's 'Looking for Alaska'

Office of Intellectual Freedom Blog - Here and Here

School Library Journal - Ban on John Green’s ‘Looking for Alaska’ Sparks Anger

School Library Journal - John Green Says ‘Looking for Alaska’ Challenged by Colorado Parents

Looking for Alaska by John Green [Used and Beaten]

Before: it was a book Amazon and other book stores were selling that was chosen for a podcast. It taught us to laugh, love, and never to drink milk mixed with vodka. Also, there's some young kids acting older than they are.

After: it's still a book, but with a whole lot more pencil marks on it. Maybe a tear stain or two.

Do you listen to the Banned Library Podcast? Do you wonder if we read all the books we talk about? Well, we read this one and marked it all up to hell and back with notes for the podcast. Own it today!

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Banned 99 - Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan

Two boys try to set a world record for kissing after their friend is beaten in this YA novel. One lady tried to get it thrown out of libraries for sexual content.

National Book Award longlist

Stonewall Honor Book

Inspired by true events


Cover image of two boys kissing - author states that the cover shows what happens in the book and does not lie. When asked if this would discourage LGBT teens from openly reading or checking out the book from libraries, the author conceded this was possible but says that having the book in the library, representing the community, and normalizing the subject is more important.

#5 on the ALA's Top 10 Banned and Challenged of 2016

2014 - Virginia - A parent filed a complaint with Fauqier County Schools to remove the book after reviewing 46 sample pages on and disagreeing with the sexual content (claiming not the homosexual content). The school refused to remove the material from the libraries. On appeal to the school board committee, a unanimous vote allowed the book to stay in the school libraries.

2016 - "condones public displays of affection"


Request to Ban ‘Two Boys Kissing’ from Virginia High School Library Denied - School Library Journal

Spotlight on Censorship: ‘Two Boys Kissing’ - Intellectual Freedom Blog

This One Summer Tops ALA’s Top Ten Challenged Books List - Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

TWO BOYS KISSING - Marshall University Libraries

Two Boys Kissing - National Coalition Against Censorship wiki

Two Boys Kissing Stays on Shelves in Virginia School System (For Now) - Comic Boook Legal Defense Fund

Banned 98 - I Am Jazz by Jessica Herthel

The autobiography of transgender teen Jazz Jennings, this heartfelt tale is one of acceptance.


2015 - Wisconsin - The Mount Horeb Primary Center planned a reading of the book to educate the students because of a transitioning student. They sent out a letter advising parents. The Liberty Council, a recognized hate group, sent a letter threatening to sue based on "inappropriate discusion of gender confusion and sexuality" with primary students. The school cancelled the reading. Local parents decided to hold a reading at a local library, attended by the author, with an audience of approximately 600.

#3 Top Ten Challenged of 2015, #4 Top Ten Challenged of 2016


My trans picture book was challenged – but the answer to hate speech is more speech

I Am Jazz Authors Call Readers to Action for Banned Books Week

I am Jazz Tag - OIF blog

I AM JAZZ - Marshall University Libraries