Review: Black Swan (2010) proves that ballet is brutal as hell on your feet

by Banned Library in

The psyche is a strange thing. Some days you're handling your stuff, making it along, and then *snap* someone cuts you off in traffic and you scream and shout. Your shoelace breaks and the world breaks with it. The little things wear you down, you bend, and then you just break. Of course, when the ballet is on the line things get just a little bit more crazy.

    Natalie Portman has been a minor player in the ballet for a while, but now she's got her chance to step up and play the lead role in Swan Lake. The only problem is that while she's perfect for the virginal white swan, her seductive black swan persona could use some work. Enter the dame: Mila Kunis as the new brash dancer in the company here to unleash some hell. Or is she? Portman has some psychological issues due to personal and mommy pressures and somethings might just be happening in her head.

    The world has been sorely lacking in erotic thrillers. Basic Instinct, the best of the genre, created a peak no other story could summit and the rest lay shattered on the rocks of Cinemax. However, this sexy crazy story that just so happens to be ballet puts the erotic back in the thriller with the only stakes being the character's own soul. Delivered with stylish flair, Black Swan is a hell of a fun and dark ride.