11/22/63 by Stephen King (2011) is a proper good time travel story where someone doesn't get molested by their mom

What would you do if you could go back in time? Run around and steal shit? Can't say that cause that's my thing. I'm time stealing guy. Most of you dumbasses are like "hur hur I'd kill Hitler" but no you wouldn't because there's plenty of evil bastards out there right now killing hundreds of people and you're reading this. So killing is out, but would you save someone?

    11/22/63, one of the most annoying titles ever, is a Stephen King thriller with only a slight supernatural twist: a man goes back in time to save John F. Kennedy. Beyond that, it's a really good period piece and a damn fine love story. If you can get over using the term "pound cake" for sex, that is. Jake is an English teacher given the chance to go back to specific time, 1958, and wait around to save JFK from assassination. Through that time, he falls in love and really enjoys himself. Then time kills his love and it turns out maybe changing the past isn't so great… Yeah, so there's a lot here.

    I audioed this book as well, because without audiobooks I would never get to finish any book that wasn't banned or challenged. Plus, hey, free hands for running around and throwing papers.

    A really good book that won't scare off anti science fiction people.