A Quiet Place (2018) makes a loud impression. See what I did? Fun with antonyms

by Banned Library in

I'll admit it, I laughed out loud at the opening to this flick. It's in the trailer, sort of, so spoiler alert or whatever but when that kid got ate I put out a nice loud "ha!" I'm not saying I'm not damaged, I'm just saying that shit was funny after a dozen trailers of build up. It's nice to be surprised once in awhile.

     Monsters who hunt by sound have taken over the United States and nobody has figured out to try to turn shit up loud yet. Our family, starring Jim from the Office and his wife and some kids, are surviving. They are super quiet, y'all. Then mom gets pregnant and you will spend the movie wondering "how they gonna keep a baby quiet" then they break out the box. You'll laugh, you'll cry, it'll be a part of you. Or it won't and you'll just remember the baby box.

    The movie is super well shot and directed. It's lovely to look at. The winner over all is sound design because although it's a quiet movie by necessity, it feels full.

    My only real problem is the story itself. The alien or whatever things, the idea that people never thought to try different frequencies kinda felt weird. Or bombs. Just put a bomb on a crying baby doll and when the creatures attack, boom. If a shotgun to the face gets that last one, you can't tell me a couple sticks of grandpa's cigars ain't gonna take care of a few.

    Go check it out, it's fun. It tries to come at your heart, but mostly the atmosphere will be what sticks.