Captain America and the Rest had Little To Do in Avengers: Infinity War

by Banned Library in

Here we are again, talking Avengers: Infinity War and wading deep about how it was just half a movie. I mean, back when it was announced it was just part 1 and part 2. It's still weird they haven't released the title for Avengers 4, but hey, things are weird. So we've talked Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk, now let's wade in on the other Earth bound Avengers.

    Full disclosure, Captain America is my favorite of the MCU heroes. Spiderman might take the cake comics and all, but what they did with Steve Rogers is awesome. He's a guy who hates bullies, who always tries to do right, and when shit really hits the fan pulls out a shield to protect rather than a gun to kill. He's the nerd we all really want to be and the ideal that Superman can't be because Superman is a god.

    In this movie, he's got next to nothing to do, though. He gets a call and picks some people up to take them to Wakanda to fight like an advanced Lyft. That's pretty much all there is. That's why I'm pretty sure he'll get to shine in the sequel.

    Steve Rogers, Cap, is a dude. He's an exceptional dude with super soldier running in his veins, but still just a guy. Out of all the MCU heroes, he's lost the most. Every movie he's in, something is taken away from him. Before we meet him, his mom dies. Then his best friend, his friends, his girlfriend, and his time period. Then his purpose in the modern world with SHEILD is taken by Hydra. Then his team and family with the Avengers in Civil War are dismantled by secrets. To be honest, this might be the happiest Steve Rogers has ended up personally, even though half the population of the universe was disintegrated.

    What this means in the big scheme of things, with a movie to go in this grand serialized experiment in storytelling, is that Steve Rogers will die. It's really the only thing left to take from him.

    Besides his virginity.

    Boom, totally said that.

    Speaking of, though, Cap might also have the best romances in the MCU. Peggy and he had a love born from admiration and respect working alongside each other. I'm curious if that would have worked long term, but they seemed happy. Even overlooking the weirdness of dating your ex-girlfriend's granddaughter, there's something kinda sweet about hooking up with the cute neighbor lady when they kissed in Civil War. Whoops, something else he lost.

    I said I would go on about the other Avengers, but besides a wave and a nod, only Scarlet Witch and Vision get nods at story. Last time we saw them, SW was telling Vision not to phase through her walls. Now he's totally phasing through her walls. Yep, I totally said that, too. They sold this romance as well as they did Banner and Black Widow. The sacrifice at the end felt effective yet forced. The characters cared about it, but I didn't.

    An argument could be made that Wakanda got to be a character, but really the final fight could have been anywhere. It was a nice nod to a great movie, but this had already been made when that movie started killing it.

    Tomorrow I'll get into Guardians of the Galaxy and Thanos in general, so come back and check it out.