Banned 29 - Draw Me a Star by Eric Carle


An disembodied voice commands an artist to draw a star and the hellish helix of conditioned response spirals out of control. The universe is created and destroyed at the whim of a madman or madwoman and all you, the reader, can do is hold on for dear life. The art's nice, too.


Texas - Aldine Independent School District (Houston) Magrill Elementary for Sexual Content and Nude illustration

1996 - Washington - Challenged in the elementry school libraries of Edmonds School District for illustrations of nude man and women

1999 - New York - Challenged but retained in the Dorothy B Bunce Elementary School library in Pavilion after parent' objective of an illustrations of nude man and women based on Adamn and Eve mythology

#61 on Top 100 Banned/Challenged Books: 2000-2009

"Dances and Dames"

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