Always Running by Luis Rodriquez

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The true story of a gang member's journey into and out of la vida loca. And not one Ricky Martin joke.


#68 on the Top 100 Banned/Challenged Books: 2000-2009

1996 - Illinois - Challenged as optional reading at the Guilford High School in Rockford as "blatant pornography."

1998 - California

San Jose - Challenged but retained at the San Jose Unified School District as optional reading after complaints the book is "pornographic and offensive in its stereotyping of Latinos." Students must have parental permission to check out of school library.

Santa Rosa - Removed from the high school reading list

Fremont - Removed pending review

2003 - California - Challenged but retained in three Beyer High School classrooms in Modesto after complaints it is pornographic. District administrators removed the book in November 2003 and this descision reversed those actions.

2004 - California - Santa Barbara schools pulled the book after a parent complained about graphic violent and sex passages.


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