Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James

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Florida - Pulled but later returned to the Brevard County public libraries "in response to public demand" 

Georgia, and Wisconsin due to the sexual situations - 

2015 - Malaysia - The entire trilogy was banned for containing "sadistic" material and "threat to morality".

The number to the National Domestic Violence hotline is 1-800-799-SAFE (7233). 

Oh holy shit.

Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James is a 2011 self-published book about the sexual relationship of virginal Anastasia Steele and rich sociopath Christian Grey. Throughout the book Grey introduces Steele to the world of sex and stuff happens that resembles a plot. At best the book is a harmless, poorly written erotica novel that caught the attention of sex-starved people looking to fuel their fantasies through characters so lacking in character anyone could slip in their less than sparkly but very Twilight skin like a squishy old shoe on parade day.  At worst the text is a work of the Underdark that shall bring upon the destruction of humanity by causing all who read it to either go insane with lust to the point of reverse-procreation, enter into destructive relationships thinking domination and submission equate with mental abuse, or simply to cause the stupification of the higher mind and leave the reader alone in search of a passion empty and devoid of all fulfilling romance.

Upon release, the book was banned at libraries in Florida, Georgia, and Wisconsin due to the sexual situations it contained. Claiming it was pornography, the libraries chose not to include it despite the public's fascination. Similar bans have happened in Malaysia about the movie made of the book. We can only hope that the libraries of the world follow the example set here and ban the work due to it's alleged demonic origin. That's if the worst case scenario is true. If it is simply just a dumb sex book, then these libraries need to get their heads out of their asses and let the people read the shitty smut rather than find it on the internet like teenagers.

Yes, it really is that bad, laughably so at times with asides like "Oh, shit. I flushed" after an embarrassing situation, making this reader wonder if the editor who published this text is still drinking from the golden goblet of "fuck it, Amazon can't have all the profits." The times it is not laughable come when the sociopathic Grey forces himself onto Ana, and she confuses having an orgasm with not being molested.

Look, people all like passion, being thrown around and sweating and losing ourselves in moments when we know the other person(s) want us, need us, in a carnal and almost violent way. We are animals and deep down in lizard central where the goddess thrives in us all is a need to pass on genetic material through noisy sex. That stuff called "love" and "attachment" is there to keep us going back for more, for staying together in social units for the survival of the young. Where this book falters is the attitude and actions of its characters, wherein a naive Ana is seduced into a Stockholm Syndrome relationship with manipulative sociopath Grey who uses the fact that he's the first orgasm giver to keep getting what he wants and make her believe what he wants is what she wants.

Honestly, if the book didn't have so many tics and quirks of bad writing, I would believe this is a deep character study of an abusive relationship where the abused keeps going back over and over after being hurt and even defending the abuser. That he warns her off does not make him a nice guy because he then pursues her. That he takes care of her, buys her stuff, makes her laugh, all mean nothing if at the end of the day he desires to control her and use her as an outlet for violent tendencies and blame her if it goes farther than she wants because she knew "the rules" and could stop him at any time with a safe word.

I laughed out loud often at the utter disaster at the narrative string of words this book was composed of, but the more I think about it the more I realize how damaging this book is. It is a disguise, an excuse for anyone who wants sex to take it from another with no regard of feelings or intent. I am not into BDSM scenes, but I know that they are consensual and about empowerment, not shame and degradation. If you read this book and enjoy it, understand that everyone deserves to be wanted, needed, and have that crazy sex that curls toes and makes you walk funny the next day. Just know that you are better than anyone who makes you feel like less than you are and that orgasms are cheap against holding and being held in the dark.

Also, don't let the creatures of the Underdark trick you into believing this is a work of fiction. The evil that can belong in the comfort of the lost world is a contrivance of the mind and spirit. Long is the man and the woman who fall in the cold reaches of the empty field of dark minds.  Be in and out and through the world of the golden handholding further mark.


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