Tower Treasure by Franklin W. Dixon (Hardy Boys #1) 40

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The Tower Treasure
By Franklin W. Dixon

The Hardy Boys are on the case when Tower Mansion is robbed and poor people are the worst! Wigs and hobos abound!


Anti-authority, cops and parents are dumb

Riddled with crime, especially against dumb, greedy rich people

1959 - contained negative racial and gender stereotyping among its supporting and minor characters, many of which would shock modern audiences, but which were also considered unpalatable by readers in 1959 - Mental Floss

1978 - Massachusetts - "In our library traditionally we have never had this kind of mediocre book. Two-to-one my librarians [want to] uphold the superior selections we have," explained Virginia Tashjian, Chief Librarian for Newton, MA, to The Hour in 1978. Also referred to the books as "soap opera narratives."

1980 - Washington - The Spokane Daily Chronicle also noted in 1980 that the library banned Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys titles "because they 'lacked literary merit'” but still “retained Braille editions of Playboy magazine."

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