The Stupids Die by Harry Allard and James Marshall

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The Stupids Die
By Harry G. Allard Jr.

Title: The Stupids Die

Author: Harry Allard, James Marshall (Illustrator)

Publisher and Publication Year: 1985 by HMH Books for Young Readers (first published 1981)


In this existential tale of woeful stupidity, the Stupid family are faced with their greatest challenge: life. How do they get up in the morning, how do they live, and what the fuck was up with the shower scene. Join our podcast as we delve into the insanity that is The Stupids Die.


Challenged for the following reasons: reinforcing negative behavior, promoting low self-esteem, encouraging disrespect for authority, use of the word "stupid."

ALA's Top Banned/Challenged Books: 2000-2009, #62

1998 - Michigan - Removed from the Howard Miller Library in Zeeland with three other Allard books in the series for complaints that children shouldn't refer to anyone as "stupid"

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