Falling for Peyton Place and Mark Twain

Fall is here! Shit fell off trees!


This past week's book was At the Mountains of Madness by HP Lovecraft because it was short and on sale. Still, it took me too long to listen to and honestly, I barely listened to it. If you've ever read Lovecraft, you know the archaic language can be impenetrable and at 2X speed I listen to things... My mind wandered, Still, check it out.


Still making it through Peyton Place and by god, this is an excellent book. Just trash and awesome at it, showing with blatant fury the small town bullshit with a punk rock attitude of "fuck all these people." 


Lots of things this day made me super happy, from @libraryeliza realizing that the old man teacher in the Last Jedi trailer was Luke Skywalker, but the top has to be "How to Tell a Story" by Mark Twain. This short essay makes me super happy to read because our greatest American author still commands that title by playing with and enjoying the art of story deconstruction. Pauses and rambling, indeed.

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