I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House (2016) Movie Review: So Much Title, Space is Jelly

by Banned Library in

A quiet dark hallway and a score that lumbers along as a character and camera creep along waiting… The house sits and allows you to feel alone with Lily as she cares for the aging horror novelist. Then I fell asleep.

    That's not saying this movie is bad. I fall asleep in a lot of movies. It's winter and when the lights are low and I'm comfortable, I just slip away. It pisses off my ladyfriend.

    My sleep habits have nothing to do with the movie I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House, the longest title that I have to keep looking up. Just go to typing and I'm like, "What' the name of that house movie with the lady in it? The pretty one? Fuckin 'The Pretty Lady That Hangs Out in the Crib'? Or 'I Am the Person Living Around the Block With My Gran.' Whatever, Google."

    What can I say about this movie? That it's well shot, well acted, well edited, well lit, well written, well well aren't we fancy, well in the well. I can say all that and get away with it because it's true.

    So when I talk about the name, the biggest problem with the movie, I'm only saying that because when I tell people, I don't like saying "You'll love the hell out of this quiet thriller named 'This Lady Lives in a House and Sees Ghosts But Maybe Not." Fucking hard to remember, that.