Burn After Reading (2008) Movie Review: You don't know shit. Or the shit.

by Banned Library in

You find a CD full of secrets and are in need of a great deal of money. Let's say your daughter needs surgery. If you don't have a daughter, let's say you need surgery. If you would just let yourself die, well, then, fuck you I'm not talking to you, print this out and give it to someone who cares.

    What I'm saying, you find government secrets. What do you do? Turn them in? Try to get some money for them?

    That's the situation in this Coen Brothers blackest of black comedies. Linda (McDormand) and her dumbass friend Chad (Pitt) go after the money of Cox (Malkovich) not knowing he has no money. Also George Clooney is fucking everybody. I don't remember his characters name.

    This is the best version of a fiasco, summed up in the end by a character asking another what the hell was going on the whole time, something I'm sure the audience is meant to ask. The other character shrugs. Such is life.

    Should you watch this movie? I'm supposed to tell you this, but I don't know you. You might like straightforward, white hats and black hats fighting it out and ending in a kiss and a quip. But this ain't James Bond. This is Frank Bond, the lesser Bond film that might have one time written a song for a soundtrack but otherwise rambles on until its done.