25. Logan (2017) Movie Review: Yep, It's Really Damn Good

Superheroes grew up a little in the last few years. I like to think that Marvel had a part in that. They may cookie-cutter some of the plots, but they've had some serious themes to deal with. Then Deadpool came along and proved you could make fun of these movies with an adult slapstick right up there with Airplane-like humor. Then there's Logan.

    Once a member of the X-men and no longer known as Wolverine, Logan (Jackman) got old. He's caring for the aged Prof. Xavier (Stewart) and barely getting by as a limo driver. Then a young girl with familiar powers is dropped in his lap. We all know Logan can't help but care for a young girl in need.

    As I write this, Logan just received an Oscar nomination for screenwriting. It damn well deserves that, too. The story of an aged and ragged superhero is brutal, heart wrenching, and at the end, hopeful. Jackman and Stewart take the characters they've been playing for almost two decades and run with them, showing the end of fabulous lives with almost simple clarity.

    The message of the film is simple, easy. People get old, and it's worth caring for the younger generation. Keeping them safe. Then, dying with dignity. Or taking out as many of the motherfuckers you can with metal claws, chopping people to death in effective and violent scenes.

    And say "fuck" as much as possible. Life's short, don't let other people tell you how to talk.