Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) can teach you a good lesson about telling other people to stuff it

by Banned Library in

One time something embarrassing happened to me. I'm sure of it. Like I got in front of a classroom and laughed hysterically and it still fills me with shame. At least I didn't use it as an excuse to get my friends back together. That's what's beer is for.

    The lady singing group is back and almost graduated the advanced high school they all seem to go to. At the very start of the movie, they suffer a setback when Fat Amy shows her vagina to the world. To make it up to the world, because vaginas, gross, amiright, they decide to go Mighty Ducks and compete internationally. The supremely talented Hailee Steinfeld also joins the cast because this is a sequel. To be honest, I have no idea what happened after that. Girl power, I suspect.

    So the time I got embarrassed. Probably told the story before, but I was in an English class in sixth grade. We had an assignment in groups. The assignment was to write for a while, collectively, then pass off the story to the next group and take another groups. We repeat until all the stories make it around the room. You may recognize this as the way such great literary projects were created, such as the Declaration of Independence and the Bible.

    So I throw in some input, but hey, I'm shy so my ideas on our continual stories were looked over. Head down, eyes front, write my own stories. Worked out so far so good for me. Then we have to read the stories out loud. I get picked for my group because, in the words of the "group leader," I didn't do much. I have still never trusted leadership.

    I stood in front of the class and began to read the illiterate drivel. I got the giggles. You know the giggles. That reaction where you start laughing in an inappropriate scenario, just can't help yourself. It's most of the content of blooper reels.

    Nobody else laughed, though. Not after a little while. I drilled down deep into my nervousness and laughed until I had to sit on the floor and tears came to my eyes. My body was not my own and everyone looked disgusted or sad or just away. The teacher sent me out of the room. First time for everything.

    So if this silly series of movies gives you joy, please, watch them. Enjoy the talented singing. Enjoy the off the wall writing and silly high concept. Laugh at Fat Amy's humiliation, the girl who calls herself "Fat" so all the skinny bitches can't do it behind her back.

    Enjoy this series and fuck anybody who says you should not.