Review: Pitch Perfect (2012) hits all the right beats because you deserved that pun

by Banned Library in

It's not every day that someone copies another movie with a little more of a crazy attitude. Dracula looked at Nosferatu and said, more sex and widow's peaks. The Fast and the Furious looked at Point Break and said, cars and assshots. And so we have Pitch Perfect, the movie that dared to improve on the Bring It On formula by adding acapella stuff.

    Anna Kendrick is just getting to college and hates everything but making phat (pronounced "don't use this in the final copy") beats. She's coaxed into joining the Bellas, an acapella singing group because if she didn't the movie would have no story and just a lot of singing. A lot of singing ensues.

    This movie is better than it has any right to be. Sure, I saw the third one first. Everyone asked me, "Why are you going to see that instead of Star Wars?" Everyone else said that the third movie in the franchise had departed from the formula and become a weird character. To all those people, I say: "Shut the front door on your dicks, please." The third movie is the natural progression, the Bellas humble beginning sewed all the roots for them to go against international drug thieves. This movie has so little plot and a thin but fun character study of "what would it be like to make friends?" that you can't help but like it.

    The Pitch Perfect series is right up there with all the best popcorn flicks of all time. Does it warm my heart like Paddington, able to save me from the depths of depression like a fuzzy phoenix? No, but it is funny and the music is good. Sometimes that's all you need.