Atomic Blonde (2017) Movie Review: This ain't your daddy's… Wait, yeah, this is your daddy's spy movie

by Banned Library in

Trailers suck. And don't start some bull crap #notalltrailers movement against me, because I am not listening. These bullshit advertisements for upcoming features nearly always ruin something about the film. When John Wick did super good, someone looked at director David Leitch's movie Atomic Blonde and said: make it all Wick-y, causing folks to hate it when it did not live up to the image.

    In old time Cold War times, spy lady (Theron) is sent to Berlin find out who killed a fellow agent and to find a list of agents that's been leaked. She's helped by a guy (McAvoy) and fights a bunch of dudes. At one point, my lady friend squealed when spy lady showed her butt a lot.

    There's nothing wrong with trotting out a bunch of old tropes, dressing them up, and making them dance. "A list of spies has gone missing" can you even listen to yourself Mission Impossibling, movie? Everyone is a double agent. Triple agent. Fighting for themselves and their country and all the little babies at sea. Goddamn it feels good to be in spy country.

    Let's be frank: this movie is the sum of its parts. The plot is a rejected b-story from The Americans. The acting is over-the-top. The action is something to be seen, kinetic and violent in ways that make the Fast and Furious franchise hold their nuts and say "Damn." Then there's that bit with the guy with keys in this face… All that on its own is, well, eh, but together makes this move super fun to watch.

    Pour yourself a tall glass of marijuana and enjoy yourself a good violent movie. You won't be able to give a shit about the plot anyway.