Thoroughbreds (2017) will make you believe rich girls can kill again

What is it about bored rich white girls that makes you want to see them murder the shit out of people? Or get murdered themselves? Or are just a thing to be reckoned with? Mean Girls, Heathers, Sorority Massacre IV… All these movies exist to show us that the rich and affluent have problems, too, y'all. Can I tell you a secret? I love the shit out of them and Thoroughbreds might be the best ever.

    Meet Amanda and Lily. Amanda might just be an emotionless void and Lily her rich friend. Their relationship starts after Amanda does something bad to a horse and her mom pays Lily to hang out and tutor her. Soon they are commiserating and plotting to kill Lily's jerk stepfather. Does the crime happen? Does the man deserve to die? The greatness is in the telling.

    This really is a mild version of Heathers. Amanda is broken in fundamental ways and lays temptation at the feet of the unstable and desperate Lily. More an erudite version of the usual desperate morons that run around a Coen brothers movie.

    The slow, deadpan performances, black humor, and overall chill but murderous vibe make this a killer flick for someone who wants to have a good time or just get over a hangover.