Game Night (2018) made me laugh stupid hard and sometimes that's all you need

People don't have exciting lives. Not most people. They gather, they laugh, they eat, they make little babies to gather, laugh and eat. We tell stories of extraordinary people to feel extraordinary and compete with each other in games so we can get the rush of living. Game Night is about those ordinary people getting to feel extraordinary over one crazy ass night with a postmodern nonsense senseibility.

    Max and Anne are a competitive couple who host a game night. Max's better, stronger, faster brother is in town and promises a game night to end all game nights. When he's kidnapped, everyone figures it's a real life scavenger hunt. Unfortunately for them, the bullets in the gun are real and there's international terrorists involved. And it's crazy funny.

    Look, I'll be honest, I didn't go into this with high hopes. The trailer falls into the category of "oh, these are the best jokes." But see it if you are looking for something with a lot of joy and fun going around. It's technically a comedy crime story, but really it takes the genre of "normal people in crime" and pokes fun of the whole thing.

    Hell, see this movie if only for Rachel McAdams. Her gunplay in the bar is hilarious beyond what I could have wanted.