That Key Doesn't Work

That's not the right key.

It is the right key. I found it on the key ring with the keys that open these doors.

Which doors?

These doors. The ones on this floor.

The classrooms?

The classrooms and the offices.

So that could be the wrong key?

The two men stood in front of the door. One had the key in his hand, forcing it to the locked door with a key lock and a keypad. The other stood by with his arms crossed.

The man with his arms crossed said Are you sure that's the key you should be using?

The other man said Maybe you should call Tina.

No, no, no. Last time I called she was mad because she was off this weekend.

Well, I don't have the keys. So the only option is to call my boss, who is also off this weekend.

I just need to see if the computers are off in there.

Are you arguing with the keys? the first man said. His nametag said Dave.

The student uncrossed his arms and hit them against his legs. That door was supposed to be left open. I told Liza to leave the door open after she was done and I don't think the computers need to be on all weekend.

Then you should call Tina. She's the contact for the lab and ask her for the code.

Could you try the other key?


The key stuck and would not turn. Dave gave it a jiggle that made the other keys jingle and the lock loosened. The key turned and with a hard click that echoed through the frame the door opened.

The student did not turn on the lights. He went from machine terminal to machine terminal in the dark room. Dave thought he picked up something on one. The student jiggled the mice on the others and left with a smile.

What did you pick up?

The student said nothing and left the room and the hallway and the library. Dave followed him, seeing if he picked up trash and would throw it away. The student continued walking and smiling. Dave felt as if he had lost a battle he had been unaware of and went back to his desk and placed the keys on the hook.

Whatever had been lost had been earned.

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