The Party (2018) is a quiet little frantic British… don't make me "dramedy"

by Banned Library in

Most stories are about secrets being uncovered. They have an engine, something that drives the story that might be a secret all its own, but at the end of the day audiences are a bunch of nosy bastards who want to know all a character's secrets. Get enough characters together and a lot of hidden blood will be spilt.

    Janet is having a party to celebrate her promotion. A few friends are coming over, including a lesbian couple who attempt at caregiving, an acerbic couple who like to talk a lot of shit, and a coked up husband with a violent agenda. As everyone waits for the husband's wife to show up, we get a spiral of secrets from affairs to diagnoses to pregnancies. Beginning with Janet shooting someone off camera, we know this whole night will end poorly.

    Again, there's something about watching a room with a group of characters squirming against each other. Everyone is hiding something it seems, and the interplay between them all fills the space. The audience might as well be watching a tennis game as control of the environment is handed from character to character deftly and with charm. Throw in a reserved British attitude on the whole thing and have a pleasant evening.