The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016) really kinda scared me in an old fun way

by Banned Library in

Horror often gets its balls cut off. Many of the entries in the genre are just this side of comedy, relegated even to jokes like the Chuckie scene in Ready Player One. True horror, the existential dread of life, seems to have been pushed aside in favor of jump scares and cheering when teenagers get hacked apart. Few movies contemplate a horror like the Autopsy of Jane Doe.

    This kid, maybe early twenties, has a date. He really wants to go, but his aging dad, Brian Cox, just got in a big job. Torn between a hot girl and taking over the family business, the kid helps out his dad. Oh, they're totally coroners and the big job is this girl who was found in a house of dead bodies. She was untouched, the cops don't know how she died, but everyone else showed horrible trauma and seemed to be trying to escape. As the start the autopsy, things begin to get creepy.

    Yeah, this is just a well done fun horror movie in the old school way of "this monster doesn't care who it kills." Not a slasher, not a gross out, Autopsy of Jane Doe is a psychological horror bordering on the best Stephen King. As the father and son attempt to figure out what the hell is happening, they begin to trust themselves less and less. Doesn't help the old building they are in starts to malfunction. Or does it?

    The acting is solid, the script is okay, and the effects are pretty good if you turn off the lights and gather yourself under a blanket. This is a fun horror movie that's better than the box.