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Battle of Big Bug
By ST Harker

Hey folks! 

I know you know that the library has a podcast about books that have been banned or challenged or holy shit I'm not doing that. What you might not know is that we write fiction!

Our fiction is a little weird, not gonna lie. We've got stories about angels running weird jobs, racoon monsters in libraries, and our new story, Battle of Big Bug, is a western shoot'em up with a deadly monster twist! Yep, another "they dug too deep" story, but fun fact: it has a basis in reality! 

If you want to read the new story by author ST Harker, you can get it through our Amazon link up above on the picture, you can see all the books at, you can get it directly from us and the audio version for a low price until the next book comes out at the bookstore, or at the cheapest, you can become a Friend of the Banned Library on Patreon.

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Thank you super much for reading and listening. Stay in and read a book, folks!