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Three girls live their lives one text message at a time in this look into what makes teen girls tick. It's boys, right? Some booze? What's the religious one doing with her teacher? Find out in ttyl by Lauren Myracle.


2007 - New York - Challenged for offensive language, sex acts, drinking, and "crude references to male and female anatomy… and flirtation with a teacher that almost goes too far." Book retained for not glorifying the behavior.

2008 - Texas - parents challenged about sexual content, alcohol, porn, inappropriate teacher student relationships, and profanity. School offers opportunity for parents to limit access to particular books for their children.

2009 - Wisconsin - challenged for the sexual content

2010 - Connecticut - critics cut the style's misuse of grammar and offensive language.

2016 - Florida - Parents of students at Yulee Middle School in Nassau County brought the book series to the media after noticing "paragraphs about sex, to drinking alcohol and stripping" when their children brought the books home. Parent Billie Thrift told news outlet Action News Jax: "It's telling kids to rebel against parents. It's telling them it's OK to party, drink, cuss and do other obscene things in the book. She immediately didn't want to read it, but she was scared she was going to get a bad grade because she didn't finish reading the book she checked out. Personally, I think this is what's wrong with children today. It's books like this and stuff being exposed to our children and it being allowed to being exposed."

On the ALA Top ten frequently challenged books lists of the 21st century since 2007 for offensive language; religious viewpoint; sexually explicit; unsuited to age group, drugs, and nudity

"Dances and Dames"

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