Asha's Mums by Rosamund Elwin and Michele Paulse

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Asha's Mums
By Rosamund Elwin, Michele Paulse

Title: Asha's Mums

Author: Rosamund Elwin (Author), Michele Paulse (Author), Dawn Lee (Illustrator)

Publisher and Publication Year: Women's Press (UK), 1990


When her teacher doesn't believe she can have two mothers, Asha goes on a roaring rampage of revenge in this children's book. Or she has her mother's deal with it and there's a bit of a thing in class. Either way, this book was banned in Canada, so you know it pushes all the buttons.


Main case is from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada in 1997. The school banned the use of children's books depicting same-sex parents in elementary, including this one. A teacher, James Chamberlain, took the school to court, eventually getting a decision from the Supreme Court of Canada that since public schools were secular and non-discriminatory, the ban had no legal justification.

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